Elizabeth Warren Announces Plan to Run as Black Man in 2020 Election

BOSTON, MA – Senator and presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren announced that, should she win the 2020 Democratic primary, she will run her presidential campaign as an African-American man. In a statement to the press, the Massachusetts Democrat stated “I am proud of my family ancestry which traces our lineage back to a male ancestor 150,000 years ago somewhere in the Horn of Africa. That is why, if I win my party’s primary, I fully intend to run for president as a black man.” The Senator denied allegations that she was running as a black man in order to increase her chances of winning the election in 2020, saying “This has nothing to do with politics. This is about my African heritage, and my choice to embrace the black male spirit that burns within me.” When questioned, several of Warren’s former Harvard Law School Professors said her decision to run as a black man would have no impact on their decision not to vote for her in 2020.


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