Retiring Driver’s Ed Instructor Fondly Looks Back on Legacy of Putting 3,000 Massholes on Road

MEDFORD, MA – After a career spanning four decades, Massachusetts Driver’s Ed Instructor Pete Santorelli announced he was finally retiring after putting over 3,000 Massholes on Massachusetts roads. Santorelli looked backed warmly on his legacy of letting thousands of reckless, angry Massachusetts drivers loose on state thoroughfares saying “For the past 35 years I’ve gone to work every day excited to teach residents how to become the incompetent, hot-tempered drivers that our state is known for.” When asked what he would miss most, the stoic Medford native said “I think what I’ll miss the most is seeing one of my students cut someone off or blow through a stop sign for the first time. It’s those little moments when you really know your student is well on their way to becoming a top notch Masshole.” Although his career teaching Massachusetts Drivers Ed may be coming to an end, Santorelli will still be lending his driving skills to the Bay State as Google has announced they will be hiring Santorelli as a consultant to teach their Massachusetts self-driving cars to be just as aggressive and senseless as their human counterparts.


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