Texas Tech Basketball Player Pretty Pissed at God After NCAA Championship Game Loss

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – In a post-game interview, Texas Tech senior point guard Antoine McMillan expressed his frustration with God after a heartbreaking overtime loss to the University of Virginia in the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament on Monday night saying “We worked hard this entire season, we came out here and played our hearts out, but unfortunately we came up short. So I just wanna say that I’m pretty pissed at God for making us lose that game”. McMillan went on to add that he wasn’t sure what he and his team had done to lose God’s favor over the course of season but that whatever they did, he’s still pretty angry that God picked the other team over them. “I just don’t get it, we trained our hardest, we didn’t drink, didn’t party, we passed all our classes, we did everything right, so what the actual fuck, God?” Although God declined to comment for this story, it is worth noting that the University of Virginia recently invested $60 million dollars in a new interfaith campus worship center last fall.


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