Two Month Championship Drought Really Taking Toll on Boston Sports Fan

BOSTON, MA – Local sports fan Travis McGinty, 27, was reportedly distraught at the fact that it’s been over two months since any professional Boston sports teams has won a national championship. McGinty, who was spotted in a morose state downing beers at a local tavern in Malden, mumbled “I can’t believe not a single team in Boston has brought home a trophy in the last two months. How can we call ourselves the best sports city in the country if we haven’t captured at least one title in the last sixty days?” McGinty recalled the last championship drought from October 2018, when the Red Sox won the World Series, to February 2019, when the Patriots won the Super Bowl, as one of the darkest periods in his life. “I’m not sure how I made it that long without seeing one of our teams parade through downtown in those duck boats, so I really don’t know what I’ll do if this drought continues”. McGinty did later admit he could probably last until June when either the Celtics or the Bruins wins their championship, but said he wasn’t sure how he would manage the next drought between June and October.


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