10,000 College-Aged Men All Convinced Wellesley Party Will Have Great Guy-Girl Ratio

WELLESLEY, MA – Shortly before Wellesley College’s annual Remix party, roughly 10,000 area male college students were reportedly anticipating that the party would have a great guy-girl ratio. “Wellesley is an all-women’s college, so there are gonna be way more women than men at this party!” thought 10,000 heterosexual college-aged men simultaneously, hours before heading to the party at the roughly 2,000 person college. “I’m so smart for thinking of going to this party, there will be so few other guys there to compete with!” mused all 10,000 men at the exact same time shortly before boarding the shuttles to the Wellesley campus where they would soon outnumber the women 5 to 1. “All those other poor saps are probably trying to get into MIT frat parties in Boston while I’m going to be surrounded by women!” chuckled the horde of 10,000 men at precisely the same instant just moments before arriving at Wellesley and spotting the other 9,999 men who’d had the exact same thought they did. “Huh” they all thought to themselves in perfect unison, “maybe I should’ve bought a return shuttle ticket instead of assuming I’d be staying the night”.


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