American College Student Can’t Wait to Hang Out With Other Americans During Semester Abroad in Paris

BOSTON, MA – During a recent conversation with her friends, 20-year-old Boston College Junior Emily Brown expressed her excitement at the prospect of hanging out with other American college students during her upcoming semester abroad in Paris. “I can’t wait to walk along the banks of the Seine with other Americans, sit outside a café sipping a cappuccino with other Americans, and explore the nightlife of Montmartre with other Americans,” she said. Brown also added that, on the weekends, she was looking forward to exploring other European cities where she could also hang out with U.S. college students studying abroad, saying “I can’t wait for all the cultural exchanges that are bound to happen when I link up with American college students studying abroad in Madrid, Berlin, and Prague!” Brown also acknowledged that while her French skills were currently subpar, she was hoping to improve her language skills by occasionally switching into French when chatting with her American friends, but admitted that this was not likely going to happen.


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