Comedian Outraged His Material From 90’s No Longer Kills

BOSTON, MA – After a recent set at Laugh Boston, veteran stand up comic Devin McRustin was reportedly outraged at the fact that his material from the 1990’s was no longer getting the kinds of laughs it used to. “Cancel culture is really taking it’s toll on the comedy scene” lamented Devin, “you can’t call Rosie O’Donnell a big ‘ol stinky lesbian anymore without people saying things like ‘that’s unoriginal and not even remotely clever’. I mean, are you kidding me with that bullshit? Rosie O’Donnell is both overweight and attracted to women, which is hilarious, but people are just too uptight these days to laugh at that kinda stuff”. McRustin when on to explain how a joke that used to have people rolling on the floor with laughter nearly 30 years ago was no longer getting so much as a chuckle. “I do this bit where I say ‘You know that movie The Joy Luck Club that came out recently? Boy, Chinese people…am I right?’ which used to absolutely kill back in 1993, but I say the same joke now and people are like ‘comedy is both subjective and constantly evolving and you should really re-examine your worldview if you want to connect with modern audiences’. C’mon, relax people, it’s just a joke, no need to get so sensitive about it.” The 52-year-old comic then went on a ten minute rant about political correctness before adding “all the censorship we’re experiencing as comedians is really like McCarthyism all over again and it’s a big problem for society. I can’t put on a keffiyeh and do my absolutely spot-on impression of Yasser Arafat without people being like ‘who is that again?’ Some people just like saying they’re offended, you know what I mean? Like it’s just easier to say you’re offended than to really confront something fresh and boundary-pushing like my Yasser Arafat impression. Sad.


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