Tourist Can’t Wait to Come Home and Reminisce About Vacation on Instagram

LONDON, ENGLAND – During a recent vacation to London, Dorchester resident Jerome McNally couldn’t wait to return home to reminisce about his vacation on Instagram. “I can’t wait to come home so I can look at all of the great pictures I took during my trip,” said the 29-year-old data scientist. “As I was posing next to Big Ben, the Tower Bridge, and Buckingham Palace, all I could think was ‘it’s gonna be so fun browsing through these when I’m back in Boston’.” He added that, even before he boarded his flight to London, he was already carefully planning all of the famous things he was going to stand next to and take pictures with, solely so he could think back on his trip the minute he returned to the U.S. At press time, Jerome was on his way to the British Museum to snap a pic of the Rosetta Stone so that when he got home he could remind himself that he had indeed taken a picture of the Rosetta Stone.


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