White Movie Fans Outraged Julia Roberts Considered for Role of Harriet Tubman, Not Jennifer Lawrence

BOSTON, MA – Shortly after news broke yesterday that Julia Roberts had, at one time, been considered for the role of Harriet Tubman in the recently released film Harriet, white movie fans across the country were outraged that Julia Roberts had been considered for the role, but not actress Jennifer Lawrence. “Why the hell were they considering someone like Julia Roberts, who in no way resembles the real Harriet Tubman, when they could have been considering Jennifer Lawrence, who would’ve been perfect for the role of Harriet Tubman?” said outraged film aficionado Kate Morse. Dismayed that the quirky, down-to-earth Academy-Award winning 29-year-old had been passed over for such a fitting role, angry white movie-goers took to Twitter to voice their displeasure. “J-LAW = H-TUB” tweeted 22-year-old influencer Prosper Jenkins (@therealprosperjenkinsnotthefakeone), and 34-year-old stylist Michelle Pitzer (@thepitzofhell) tweeted “typical Hollywood, casting an actress just because she’s bankable not because she’s the right person for the part like J-Law would have been for Harriet.” At press time, those same film buffs were circulating a petition to cast Britney Spears as Aretha Franklin in the upcoming biopic about the late singer, citing her amazing singing skills.


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