Man Giving up All Hopes and Dreams for Lent

BOSTON, MA – As the Lenten season began on Wednesday, and millions of Catholics across the country entered into a period of contemplation and sacrifice in the weeks leading up to Easter, Brian Wheeler of Wrentham was reportedly giving up all of his hopes and dreams for Lent. 

“This year, for Lent, I’ve decided to relinquish any and all aspirations of ever achieving my career goals,” said the 32-year-old CPA. “Lent is a solemn time for self-sacrifice, and also for being realistic about my life prospects, because, let’s face, I’m not getting any younger, and if being a celebrity dog trainer was going to happen, it probably would’ve happened by now. So that’s why I’ve decided to chuck that dream out the window this Lenten season,” he added.

At press time, Brian had already broken his Lenten promise by posting on Instagram encouraging people to like and tag a friend to be entered into a contest to win a free dog training session with him.


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