‘I Voted for the Person I Thought Everyone Else Was Voting for’ Says Every Voting American

BOSTON, MA – As millions of Americans went to the polls on Super Tuesday to vote in the Democratic Primary, it became clear that every single person voted for a candidate that they thought would be a popular choice rather than the candidate they felt would be the best president.

“Yeah, I was originally going to vote for this one candidate who I was really excited about and thought would make a great president. But then it seemed like everyone else was more excited about this other candidate, so I decided to vote for them instead,” said 31-year-old Mariel Trejo, echoing the sentiments of every single other person who voted on Super Tuesday.

“I just wanted to elect someone electable, so I voted for someone who I personally didn’t think was as electable because it seemed like other people thought they were electable,” added Trejo, voicing the mindset shared by literally everyone who voted.

At press time, the vast majority of voters said they would support ranked choice voting if it came up as a ballot initiative in their state, but acknowledged that they would probably switch their vote if it suddenly looked like the majority of people were going to vote against it.


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