Lady A Reveal They Renaming Upcoming Album to ‘Slavery Wasn’t That B’

NASHVILLE, TN – Shortly after changing their name to Lady A, the band formerly known as Lady Antebellum announced that they would also be renaming their upcoming album to Slavery Wasn’t That B.

“As a band, we have strived for our music to be a refuge…inclusive of all. That’s why we’ve decided to rename our forthcoming album to merely hint at, rather than explicitly state our feeling that the American institution of slavery wasn’t actually that bad for the slaves,” said frontman Charles Kelley.

“After much personal reflection, and many honest conversations with our black friend, Jeffrey, we felt that releasing an album that openly states our revisionist attitudes, which downplay the horrors of the African slave trade, just wouldn’t be right. In the last few weeks, our eyes have been opened to the fact that many of our fans care about the struggles that Black Americans face. That’s why we’re going to take the monumental step of dropping a few letters from our new album title. That way nobody can claim our album title is overtly racist – the ‘B’ could stand for anything. But we in the band will secretly know what it still stands for…wink, wink,” continued Kelley.

“The ‘B’ stands for ‘Bad’ just in case you didn’t get what I meant earlier when I said ‘wink, wink,” he added, shortly after explaining that the album’s lead single had been re-titled to ‘White P’.

“Also, if we’re being honest, Jeffrey isn’t really our friend. He’s just the security guard at the record label, and we didn’t have a full-length conversation – it was more of a casual mention in passing. I don’t know why I said that part about us being friends,” he said moments later.

In response to criticism that their new band name is already being used by a Black woman blues singer, the band said that stealing intellectual property from Black musicians was just part of their heritage as white musicians.

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