What Do You Get the Sycophant Who Has Everything? How About One of These ‘Trump Defeats COVID’ Commemorative Coins!

Does your friend or loved one have an unwavering, almost maniacal devotion to the Commander-in-chief? Do they say things like, “I wish I could kiss Donald Trump square on the mouth and suck the COVID right out of him Green Mile style?” Well, then we have the perfect gift for them this pre-holiday season! Starting this week, the White House Gift Shop will be selling these limited-edition ‘Trump Defeats COVID’ commemorative coins for the low price of $100! 

Nothing says “my entire personality is my North Korean-esque loyalty to, and admiration of, President Donald Trump” like this one-of-a-kind token memorializing 45’s struggle with a horrendous disease that he in no way could have avoided contracting, and which he has done a marvelous job of guiding our country through.

Odds are your friend or loved one already has the Helsinki Summit Commemorative Coin, the Seal of the President Throw Blanket, and the 2017 Presidential Inauguration Decorative Egg. So what better way to let that person know you’re fully on board with their undying adulation of the white supremacist, anti-LGBT, misogynistic cult of personality surrounding the President of the United States than with this COVID coin — a coin that definitely isn’t the sort of thing an autocratic regime would make party members carry around as a show of fealty. 

Plus, you’ll be pleased to know that when you buy one ‘Trump Defeats COVID’ coin, we’ll infect one person of color in a low-income neighborhood with the Coronavirus absolutely free! It’s truly the gift that keeps on giving!

So order your ‘Trump Defeats COVID’ coin today for the Trump supplicant in your life!

Image Copyright: White House Gift Shop (fair use)


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