Lebron James Leaving Lakers to Start One Man Basketball Franchise

LOS ANGELES, CA – NBA superstar Lebron James announced at a press conference over the weekend that he will be leaving the Los Angeles Lakers to start his own one man basketball franchise. The team, which will be called the Lebron LeBronze will be made up soley of Lebron James, who will act as general manager, coach, and […]

Alabama Lawmakers Say Human Rights Extend From Conception All the Way Until Birth

MONTGOMERY, AL – After passing a controversial law banning abortions in their state, Alabama lawmakers made it clear that they believe basic human rights should apply from the moment of conception until the exact moment of birth. During a press conference moments after signing the bill into law, Alabama Governor Kay Ivey clarified her state’s position, saying “With […]

Westeros Starbucks Sales Soar After Queen Daenerys Spotted Sipping Latte on Game of Thrones

KING’S LANDING, WESTEROS – Sales of Starbucks Coffee have soared all across Westeros since Sunday night when millions of people all across the realm noticed Queen Daenerys Stormborn of House Targaryen drinking a Starbucks latte during a recent episode of the popular reality television show Game of Thrones, which depicts the real lives of Westeros’ most power families […]

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